1. Is there a 64-bit version?

Yes, all VST plugins are available as both 32- and 64-bit.

2. Is there a Mac version?

No, there is no Mac version.

These VST plugins are for Windows only. There are no plans for Mac versions.

3. Are there any compability issues?

Known issues:

  • EnergyXT: MIDI generated by plugins not processed by EnergyXT.

4. How do I set up the MIDI routing in my DAW?

You need to route the MIDI output of the plugin to the desired instrument.

5. What is the difference between Chordit and Chordz?

While both have the same basic concept, Chordz is far more advanced.

  • Chordit requires you to use press a key to switch chord type, Chordz lets you assign different chords to different keys (for example C for C Major, C# for C Maj7, D for D Minor, and so on).
  • Chordz lets you use a virtual keyboard to edit chord notes, Chordit required you to enter the chord foruma as numbers.
  • Chordz has a chord suggestion feature that suggests diatonic chords based on the selected scale and root note.
  • Chordz can split the keyboard into three zones, one for playing chords, the other two (one below, and one above, the chord trigger zone) for playing single notes.
  • Chordz supports "overlapping" chords, Chordit stops the previous chord when you trigger a new chord.
  • Chordz has an "easy mode" feature, which lets you play the chords in any scale using only the white keys, with "C" always being the I chord.